School Opening

Rototuna Primary School opened in January 2003. It was the first public school to be opened in the growing suburb of North East Hamilton. It caters to primary-aged children from year 1 to 6. 

The school opened with two hubs, Rata and Kowhai, and 102 students.  

There were six classrooms for Year 0/1, Year 1, Year 2/3, Year 2/3, Year 4/5,  and Year 6.  

The children were taught maths, English (reading, writing, oral and visual language), science, social studies, health and PE, and the arts (music, visual art, dance, and drama).

Five Hamilton North residents were selected for school opening. The board members are (in alphabetical order):


Rototuna means lake of eels. 

The school is situated on land once occupied by several tangata whenua, including Ngati Haua Ngati Wairere Ngati Koura and Ngati Mahanga. 

The Pou at the entrance of the school acknowledges Ngati Koura. Koura is a model of strength (kaha) and resilience (manawaroa), of loyalty (ngaakaupono) to whaanau, of capability (maia) and leadership (rangatiratanga).

Old School Logo

New School Logo