At the start of the school in the early 2000s, Rototuna did not have Spotlight (its main website for tracking learning goals). Many things were done on paper, including our Learning Journals, a record of learning used to report to parents. 

The current technology of Rototuna Primary School may seem like just Chrome books and iPads now, but it's a lot more interesting. 

When you are a part of He Puna Manaaki (Year 1) or a parent, you will realise slideshows are presented on a projector in many assemblies. The people who set this up are the Media Team. One teacher and around ten students usually run the Media Team. The media sets up the sound in the assemblies and takes all the photos to show what the children at our Kura have been learning. 

In year 4 or 5, you will learn to use Google Docs, Google Slides and sometimes Google Sheets.