Construction and Building

Timeline and Plans

2002- The school was built very quickly. There were some delays due to a complaint filed by a community member with the council in its early development stages. Luckily, the construction of the buildings began on site, and the school opened in January 2003.

2003-Rototuna Primary School opened for their first school year. The administration block staffroom and library, Rata and Kowhai Hub, which had only six classrooms, were created, while a new hub named Totara was still in progress. Also, a small playground was created outside the Kowhai hub for the junior kids to play on. Mr Cowie made his office in a little 'hut' which could be found at the front of the school.

2016 - Multipurpose Room, Breakouts and Toilet

2017 - Rototuna Primary School in Hamilton receives three new classrooms 

2017 - Manuka (S Block) extension

2018 - Rototuna Primary School receives seven new classrooms 

2022 - Block A - extension to admin building staffroom

2022 - Block H - extension of two new offices 

2023 - Miro Block was created

2003-2024- The classrooms had changes to their cloak bays and exteriors