About Me

I am a Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science, University of Auckland. My primary research interest lies at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the health sector. I gained my Ph.D. in domain-specific language models for multi-label classification of medical text at the University of Waikato under the supervision of Professor Bernhard Pfahringer. I worked for more than a decade in both academia and the health sector in New Zealand before returning to complete my Ph.D. My mother tongue is low-resourced, and I grew up in a society with unequal socialisation. Thus, I have a special interest in the preservation of low-resource languages and data sovereignty. I am motivated by the opportunities AI provides towards revitalising and preserving New Zealand’s own endangered language, te reo Māori; and also towards increasing the awareness and fostering of such linguistic minorities to improve health outcomes and equity in the health sector in the long term.

Research Areas

  • Machine learning

  • Natural language processing

  • Health informatics

  • Low resource languages

  • Health Equity

  • AI and Bias

  • AI for Good